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Minority and Women Owned Business Information

The Saltillo project has two General Contractors: Rogers-O’Brien Construction for the commercial construction (retail podiums, parking garages, and office building) and Amicus Construction for the residential construction (residential floors on top of the podium). All M/WBE interested in bidding on work at Saltillo should submit their information to Rogers-O’Brien Construction and Amicus Construction at the Submit by M/WBE Info button at the bottom of this page. Rogers-O’Brien and/or Amicus Construction will include qualified bidders on upcoming project bids.

Rogers-O'Brien Construction

Terri Fleming
Prequalification Application 
+1 (512) 486-6312

M/WBE Construction Opportunities
  • Landscape, Hardscape and Irrigation
  • Access Doors and Frames
  • Overhead Coiling Doors
  • Signage
  • Stainless-Steel Toilet Compartments
  • Plastic Shower and Dressing Compartments
  • Wall and Door Protection
  • Toilet, Bath, and Laundry Accessories
  • Fire Protection Cabinets
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Metal Lockers
  • Miscellaneous Specialties
  • Stone Countertops
  • Simulated Stone Countertops
  • Entrance Floor Mats and Frames
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Bicycle Lockers

Amicus Construction

Michael Wert
+1 (972) 943-1175

M/WBE Construction Opportunities
  • Landscape and Irrigation
  • Elevated Wood Deck/Planter Box Amenity Areas
  • Fine Grading/Spoils Haul Off – Block 4 (Pool Area only)
  • Skylight Tubes Block 1
  • Fire Stopping – Residential Units
  • Drywall, Tape, Bed and Texture
  • Metal Studs below podium deck – Residential Units and Leasing/Fitness only
  • Unit Specialties/Accessories/Bath Hardware
  • Bath Mirrors
  • Painting
  • Final Cleaning
  • Unit Window Blinds
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Wallpaper at Amenity/Leasing/Common Areas
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Certified Test/Balance HVAC reporting for AGB
  • TV/Telephone Unit Pre-Wire

Worker Protection Facts

Capital Metro and the Endeavor/Columbus team are committed to providing worker protections for the Saltillo project. We want to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all workers through the provision of fair wages, a safe work environment, and satisfactory insurance. A summary of the specific worker provisions is included below, and more details can be found in the Exhibit from the Saltillo Master Development Agreement at the following link: Saltillo Worker Protection

  • A safety representative designated by all prime contractors, all project managers and superintendents to be OSHA-30 certified (i.e. those representatives have completed 30 hours of supervisor safety training by a qualified trainer)
  • Workers directly employed by prime contractors, workers on the non-residential portion of the project and all workers with job site supervisory duties at or greater than a foreman level to be OSHA-10 certified
  • All workers performing work on residential units more than 15 consecutive days or 20 days out of a 30-day work period to be OSHA-10 certified
  • No worker allowed on site without appropriate personal protective equipment required by OSHA

Project contractors to pay all non-salaried workers a living wage of not less than $13.03 per hour, including workers customarily paid by the project, the piece or the job


The developer and project contractors to advertise open labor positions within the local community for local hands-on construction craft training programs to ensure appropriately trained individuals have a reasonable opportunity to participate in hiring efforts

  • Project contractors to require workers (other than workers employed by subcontractors performing work on residential units) to be covered by workers’ compensation insurance
  • Subcontractor workers performing work on residential units to be covered by an occupational accident insurance and medical payment programs providing for lost wages, payment for personal injuries and death, and medical expenses
  • Developer to engage and pay for an OSHA-W30 certified, independent project monitor to monitor compliance through regularly scheduled job site visits with opportunities for workers to meet with the project monitor’s representative
  • Project contractors to post onsite signage in English and Spanish in break areas and the same general locations as other similarly required signage with contact information for the project monitor
  • Project monitor to perform a walkthrough of the project once a month for two hours to review jobsite activities with the developer, project contractors and workers
  • Project monitor is authorized to discuss wage, safety and other worker welfare and protection issues with workers; a translator will be provided, as needed; developer to make reasonable efforts to ensure any reported issues are investigated, addressed and resolved quickly, and prohibit project contractors from retaliating against workers speaking with the project monitor
  • Developer to provide Capital Metro quarterly project monitor compliance reports

Construction Start Dates

Construction start dates are estimated and are subject to change.

Block 1
  • Commercial Construction (Rogers O’Brien): June 2017
  • Residential Construction (Amicus Construction): August 2018
  • Retail Finish Out (Retail Tenant GCs): Jan 2019
  • Office Finish Out (Office Tenant GCs): March 2019
Block 3
  • Commercial Construction (Rogers O’Brien): June 2017
  • Residential Construction (Amicus Construction): April 2018
  • Retail Finish Out (Retail Tenant GCs): Nov 2018
Block 5

Landscape/Hardscape (Rogers O’Brien): Nov 2018

Block 2
  • Commercial Construction (Rogers O’Brien): June 2017
  • Residential Construction (Amicus Construction): June 2018
  • Retail Finish Out (Retail Tenant GCs): Jan 2019
Block 4
  • Commercial Construction (Rogers O’Brien): June 2017
  • Residential Construction (Amicus Construction): March 2018
  • Retail Finish Out (Retail Tenant GCs): Oct 2018

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